New Kalapa Tech Park and Habitat

New Kalapa

New Kalapa Tech Park and Habitat is the name for a major new initiative to be constructed as a place to explore solutions to the global climate crisis.

The primary goal of the project is to foster innovations in the fields of sustainability and climate resilience. We are currently seeking partners and funding to support development of the incubator, advanced technology creation by our team and others working with us in the incubator, and societal innovations.

Our two initial partners for this effort are our sister companies, Climate Survival Solutions India Private Limited and Climate Survival Solutions, Inc.

The climate crisis is bringing with it much higher global temperatures and the challenge of adapting to:

Tropical Cyclone Fani Approaching the Bay of Bengal on May 2019

» Extreme weather such as more powerful cyclones, flooding, wildfires, and extended drought.

Himalayan Glacial Ice melt

» Rapid melting of glaciers in the Himalayan mountain range, Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctic.

Sea level rise that will cause flood on many streets in India

» Sea level rise which will very soon flood the streets of Mumbai and Kolkata in India, Guangzhou and Shanghai in China, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Bangkok in Thailand, and Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong in Vietnam.

Important crops will no longer be growable and others will become less nutritious.

» An agricultural shock wave in which some important crops will no longer be growable and others will become less nutritious.

The direct impacts of the continued global heating of the world will include water shortages, breakdown of infrastructure such as electrical, waste management, water treatment, and water distribution networks, and societal disruption of many kinds.

New Kalapa is part of Sustainable Sikkim's and Climate Survival Solutions, Inc., PBC's answers to how we can adapt to, mitigate for, and build resilience to civilization's future challenges.

A Place to Innovate and Thrive

Currently in the planning stages, New Kalapa Tech Park and Habitat is being conceived of and engineered from the beginning for green industries, advanced educational institutions dedicated to climate adaptation and sustainability, places to live, renewable energy sources, water recycling systems, and even on-site crop-growing facilities.

It is being created with the goal of reaching as close as possible to a zero-carbon footprint facility, both in construction and in ongoing operation.

It is also being architected to be a place both beautiful and elegantly functional in every detail.

A Living Laboratory for Innovation in the Age of the Climate Crisis

New Kalapa Tech Park and Habitat will be architected to with a unique Innovation Incubator at its core.

That facility will offer a place for creative entrepreneurs from throughout India and the world to engineer the best of science, nature, and societal innovation to meet the needs of a world evolving rapidly as the climate crisis escalates.

These innovations will include everything from:

Advanced architectural design and construction techniques with minimal emission and climate resilient

» Advanced architectural design and construction techniques, which focus on minimal emissions, climate resilience, and creative means of keeping all facilities cool even as temperatures rise.

Innovative approaches to renewable energy deployment

» Innovative approaches to renewable energy deployment, including highly efficient solar and wind solutions, along with means of harvesting energy from everything which happens within the park.

Unique ideas in gray water recycling and waste management

» Unique ideas in gray water recycling and waste management.


» Agricultural advances such as aquaponics and vertical gardening, coupled with careful management of the entire biosystem to ensure required lighting, temperature and humidity control where needed.

Nutritional planning and analysis

» Nutritional planning and analysis to guide the selection of specific crops to be raised within the park.

Electric drone aircraft and train systems

» New ideas in transportation included electric drone aircraft and train systems to connect the park locally and globally.

Creative approaches to how societal systems need to evolve

» Creative approaches to how societal systems need to evolve in a world far less stable than in the past.

Our Timeline and How to Get Involved

We are already developing core concepts and designs for New Kalapa Tech Park and Habitat. We are also actively recruiting "first movers" interesting in joining our Innovation Incubator to be constructed along with the Tech Park.

We plan to bring together the first partners for the Incubator by mid-2021.

We are actively looking for the best and most creative innovators in all facets of the project. We are looking for experts in site planning, architecture, energy, agriculture, water recycling, and waste management solutions which would be built into that first phase of development.

We are also looking for companies, at least one educational institution specializing in sustainability and climate crisis, and other enterprises which may be interested in co-locating within the park.

Interested? Please reach out via the Contact Us link above.